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The Brzycki Group provides counseling, consulting, and educational programs for important psycho-social and socio-emotional transitions in the lives of children, adolescents, parents, and educators.

We believe that children and adolescents in today’s world want to live a life aspiring to a higher standard—to build a life and a world based on personal character, self understanding and high self esteem. We are committed to people of all ages taking charge of manifesting their own destinies in life. Within the context of total well-being and personal discovery, participants build on their physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions.

Brzycki Group programs address academic accomplishment, college and career paths, cognitive and metacognitive development, self-determination, contextual awareness, purpose and direction, and other issues related to the Self and education. Our educational methodology incorporates human development and learning, adolescent development, educational psychology, and educational philosophy. Our work is different precisely because educational goals and achievement radiate out from the individual Self. The accomplishments are real, and the results are profound.

Key Educational and Counseling Programs

Human Development Clinic
The Human Development Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic providing services to adolescents, young adults, adults, couples and families in transition: including assessments and counseling sessions.

The Center for The Self in the Schools
The mission of The Center for The Self in the Schools, is to impact the psychological well-being of K-16 students through outreach programs, professional development, self knowledge curricula, anti-bullying programs, and student advising assessments using Strengths Based Counseling methods.

Self Across the Curriculum
Teachers, K-16 educators, administrators, policy-maker, counselors, psychologists, and professionals in related fields enhance their ability to make a lasting difference with young people.

The Champions Program
Young people, age 9 to 18, become champions in their day-to-day family life, social activities, and academic achievement.

The College Counseling Program
High school students, age 14 to 18, gain acceptance into top colleges and universities that best match their vision for greatness.

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